Improved Autocorrect Accuracy & Pre-shipped Word Suggestions: what’s new for Typewise?

August 5, 2021
The latest Typewise keyboard features and fixes completed, plus what’s next on our roadmap

Here at Typewise (which is actually not one location, but several locations spread around Europe and beyond) we’ve been working away to continually improve your typing experience on the Typewise keyboard app.

Our goal still remains to create the best smartphone keyboard app in the world. One that allows you to type faster, more accurately and with 100% privacy. And has plenty of #HexAppeal too 😉.

We really appreciate the ongoing support and important feedback that we receive from our user communities on Telegram, and we wanted to do a better job of keeping you updated and informed on the progress of your favourite hexagonal, private, secure, smartphone keyboard app.

So, from now on, every month, we’ll give you an update on what keyboard features and fixes have been completed, and what’s coming up next on our roadmap. Oh, and by the way Typewise is available both as an Android keyboard app and an iphone keyboard app (turns out not all our users knew that!).

What’s new for Typewise?

As of August 2021, we have now:

• Localised the Typewise app to French, Italian and Portuguese (so all settings and tutorials are now available in those languages)

• Added pre-shipped word suggestions for Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Swedish meaning it’s better in these languages ‘straight out of the box’

• Improved our general autocorrection accuracy

• Added new blog content; read Why It’s Time To Upgrade The Smartphone Keyboard, the remarkable story of How a Homeless Typewise User Turned His Life Around, and we also asked language learners and experts the question: Autocorrect: help or hinderance?

• Been audited by the privacy experts at Data Overhaulers who added us to their Best Privacy Keyboards for Android recommendations

• Received more international media coverage – check out Typewise in Italy’s, Portugal’s and Mexico’s (yup – we’re growing rapidly in the LATAM region)

Photo by Huma Kabakci

What's next?

Amongst continual improvements and fixes to our smartphone keyboard both user-facing and behind the scenes, we’re currently working on the following functionality:

• Improved language detection accuracy

• Better autocorrection and word suggestions for dialects (Typewise will be able to learn dialects which are very different from the main language, for example Swiss-German)

• Improved correction of compound words in German

• Smart Auto-Capitalization, for example autocorrecting i to I or usa to USA etc

• A brand new community area for everyone to better share ideas, report bugs, and help improve Typewise

• A new monthly newsletter to keep everyone informed and up to date with Typewise news, as well as other interesting content about AI, Autocorrect and Privacy (our favourite topics!)

• We’re also hiring! Come and help us grow Typewise – details of new open positions coming very soon

So plenty of exciting improvements to Typewise happening right now and lots more to come this month and next.