Earn €2000: refer a company to Typewise

March 24, 2022
Earn €2000 when a company you refer joins our AI Writing Assistant pilot program.

What is Typewise AI Writing Assistant?

Boost productivity by 2-3x. Powered by the same core AI that makes our keyboard app so popular, our advanced AI writing assistant is a browser-based tool that significantly boosts the speed, accuracy and quality of support and sales communications, saving time, effort and cost whilstkeeping customers (and staff) happy.

We are currently running pilot programs with various customer support and sales teams.

We pay a referral bonus of €2000 for every company referred to us, that completes a pilot program.

Why refer Typewise AI Writing Assistant?

-         Help customer support and sales teams increase productivity by up to three times

-         Our (patent pending) text prediction and autocorrect AI is market leading and outperforms Google's and Apple's

-         You get €2000 for each company that joins our pilot program

What companies are eligible to join our pilot?

-         Have a customer support or sales team of 15 or more people

-         Operate primarily in Europe, North America, or LatAm.

-         Are not yet in contact with Typewise

Who can earn the €2000 bonus?

-         Anyone who refers to us a company which completes our pilot program will receive €2000

-         Bonus will be paid after receiving funds from pilot client

-         Referrer must be verified by client company

How do I refer a company?

Write a short email introducing Typewise AI Writing Assistant to the person best positioned to set up a pilot, and CC in:


We’ll then take it from there.

If your referral leads to a new pilot program, you’ll earn €2000 when we receive funds from the new client.