Decoding human thoughts

Typewise is a Generative AI company, on a mission to make daily lives easier by decoding human thoughts. We create text prediction software that boosts enterprise productivity.

Our story

The average person spends approximately half of a typical work week on written communication. The problem is that our brain processes information about 10X faster than we’re able to type on our keyboards (400 words per minute vs. 40 words per minute on average), leading to a 90% productivity loss.

Janis and David founded Typewise in 2019 to address this problem through text prediction technology. We initially developed an award-winning keyboard app that has been downloaded 2 million times, and have since transitioned towards serving enterprise customers.

Typewise is backed by Y Combinator and continues improving the AI technology in partnership with ETH Zurich.

Our values

Take Ownership

We proactively take responsibility for our area and work for excellent solutions, without being asked.

Innovative & iterative

We work fast, get feedback fast, and seek continuous improvement, ever *en route* to perfection.

Open, Honest & Trusting

We speak and we listen. We value constructive criticism. We can trust each other.

Supportive & Collaborative

We’re one team; our success relies on helping each other and being helped by each other.

Seek Remote Excellence

We’re geographically dispersed, yet always connected. We combine the freedom of location independence, with meaningful, flexible and productive work life.

Celebrate Success (and mistakes)

We encourage, we learn. We make time to have fun, to enjoy and to build team spirit.
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What are you waiting for?

  • Zero-risk pilot
  • No IT integration required / very short setup time
  • Full data privacy & security
  • 3-4X ROI delivered