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Meet Typewise, the next-generation smartphone keyboard for iOS and Android. Made with love in Switzerland.

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This app lets me write and search anything without having to worry about my info getting leaked!
Used the app for a week before giving in to PRO.
Totally worth it
It has been an amazing
using this incredible app! Many thanks to the devs!
No ads and very easy to use! It's loveable.
A beautiful and great app for fast typing. I love it and think everyone
should give it a try.
I love the text replacement options. I have created a few and I love them! Went ahead and bought the lifetime version.

Designed for two-thumb typing
on smartphones

4x fewer typos
Get rid of typos thanks to 70% larger keys and world class AI-technology.
Type in 40+ languages without needing to manually switch between them.
100% privacy
None of your typing data
ever gets transmitted over the internet.
Energy efficient
Up to 90% more efficient than existing AI solutions, savings tons of CO2.

Say goodbye to tipos typos

The conventional keyboard was created 140 years ago for typewriters. It's slow, and frequent typos are frustrating. Our honeycomb design is made for two-thumb typing on touchscreens.

Easily type in multiple languages

Typewise automatically detects which language you're writing in and makes the right Autocorrections and Text Predictions.
Typewise already supports 40+ languages.

Enjoy 100% privacy

We believe in full privacy. That’s why Typewise doesn’t require suspicious permissions on your phone and all typing data stays on your device.

  • 100% offline mode
  • No suspicious
  • Full network access
  • Exact GPS location
  • Storage access
  • Identity access
  • Full network access
  • Exact GPS location
  • Storage access
  • Identity access
  • Contact access
  • Microphone access
  • Camera access

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"You'll wonder why they are not on every iPhone keyboard. Yes, they are that good!" - Houston Chronicle
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Regain control of your keyboard

Swipe to quickly capitalize, delete and restore single letters or entire sentences. You can even move the cursor by holding a space key.

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No new muscle memory required

If you prefer to stay with what you know, we recommend the traditional layout. Effortlessly transition to new grounds, while still enjoying gestures and privacy.

Get started within seconds

Start your journey right away! The onboarding and game will support you in your training to become superhuman.

Customize your

Choose from different themes, layouts, accents and much more. Make the keyboard truly yours!

Join 1,000,000+ pioneers

Typewise is not just an app, it’s a movement. Our mission is to make daily lives easier while protecting everyone's privacy. Get involved and shape our product roadmap or even become a beta tester.

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Meet the Typewise team

Each and every one of us is giving their all to make Typewise the greatest product for all of our users.

Anissa Ziane
Growth Hacker
Anne Castuera
App Tester
Christian Wollny
Growth Hacker
David Eberle
Dmitry Patuk
VP of Growth
George Roberts
Senior AI Engineer
Janis Berneker
Luca Campanella
AI Engineer
Milan Živanović
Milan Zujevic
Miloš Tasković
iOS Developer
Nimra Ahmed
UX Designer
Pleum Piriyatamwong
Junior AI Engineer
Sam Baldwin
Head of Content & PR

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