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Increase customer satisfaction with AI

“We save time, while providing personalized customer service.”

Shantal Heiniger

Deputy Head of Customer Service and Innovation Project Leader at Planzer

Planzer, a leading logistics company based in Switzerland, faced the challenge of managing a deluge of customer emails in their customer service department. Seeking to provide the highest quality customer service in the transportation industry, Planzer embarked on an innovation journey to find a solution. This is where Typewise, a Swiss AI company specializing in text prediction software, stepped in to transform their customer service operations.

17% efficiency boost

Since the successful implementation of Typewise's AI Communication Assistant, Planzer's customer service department has experienced remarkable improvements. The efficiency of their customer service has increased by an impressive 17%. This boost in productivity has resulted in over 45,000 automated quality enhancements, saving approximately 210 working hours per month.

Faster response times

What sets Typewise apart is its integration of artificial intelligence. Typewise's AI augments customer inquiries with suggested sentences, continually learning from each interaction to provide increasingly accurate recommendations. This feature not only accelerates response times but also minimizes errors, offering suggestions for synonyms and flagging grammatical or typographical mistakes.

Customized suggestions

Typewise introduced customized text snippets, tailored to Planzer's specific requirements, to facilitate faster response times and ensure a consistent and professional communication approach. These personalized text snippets were made available in English, German, French and Italian, enabling every customer service agent to provide seamless support across different linguistic requirements.

Successful transformation of customer service operations

Planzer's customer service team has witnessed a significant transformation with the introduction of Typewise. The solution has proven to be an invaluable support system, empowering agents to deliver more efficient and effective customer service. Through this partnership, Planzer has achieved its goal of providing a superior customer experience, further solidifying its position as a leader in the Swiss logistics industry.