About Typewise

 Decoding Human Thoughts

Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company, on a mission to make daily lives easier by 'decoding human thoughts'. Current interaction with our digital devices happens only at 10% of the speed of our thoughts. Given that we spend more than 6.5 hours on our digital devices every day, the result is a massive loss of productivity—time that could be spent on more enjoyable activities.

We build privacy-friendly AI text prediction technology that boosts productivity by 2-3x. Our first product, a next-generation smartphone keyboard app (twice the winner of a CES Innovation Award) has been installed over 2 million times. Our second product – an AI writing assistant that boosts productivity of customer support and sales teams – is currently being piloted by several Fortune 500 companies.
We also offer our powerful AI technology as an API.

Company Highlights

1.4 million+ downloads, growing at 15% month-on-month
AI Technology
Outperforming incumbents, multiple patents, collaboration with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
$8bn+ market opportunity, shaping the future of human-machine interaction
Above 4-star user ratings across all platforms + international awards

Our AI-technology

We develop “Text Prediction” technology that, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural-Language Processing, performs correction and completion of words and entire sentences on mobile and desktop applications. Existing solutions often come at a price of privacy though, as many services are cloud-based. At Typewise we develop world-class Text Prediction technology, which runs on-device and thus protects user privacy. Our highly compressed and performant model also uses significantly less energy than comparable solutions, reducing the carbon footprint of our users.

We collaborate with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s AI Center (ETH Zurich) to develop our advanced, on-device algorithms. This collaboration is funded by Innosuisse, Switzerland’s federal innovation agency.

Our Story

Typewise is a story years in the writing. Cofounders Janis and David met in school developing their first tech products – a school library database and a music categorization AI. Over time they built a friendship around their shared passion for technology.  

This shared enthusiasm sustained their friendship as they moved through university and into their separate careers in data science (Janis) and strategy (David), with most talks returning to tech. But one question continued to confound them. How can we use technology more productively? From an early Kickstarter campaign and development of a prototype, Typewise has already come a long way. After the launch of the Typewise Keyboard App in late 2019, the app quickly gathered the first 100,000 downloads. From there on, it was clear Typewise could be something bigger. Janis and David started to build a team and surrounded themselves with awesome and highly motivated people. During a successful seed round mid-2020, raising $1,000,000, Typewise appeared on the Swiss reality show “Die Höhle der Löwen” and convinced two investors of the necessity of a keyboard for the 21st century.

Badge for 2021 STEVIE GOLD Winner  - awarded to Typewise smartphone keyboard app

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign in late 2021 that raised a further $2m, Typewise expanded into the lucrative B2B sector, launching an advanced AI writing assistant, powered by the same core technology that Typewise keyboard is built upon. We continue to improve our market-leading AI and grow our customer base for both our B2C, and B2B products.

A Better Smartphone Typing Experience

Many people don’t realise that you can download a free SwiftKey or Gboard keyboard alternative that offers faster, more accurate typing, and 100% privacy. But you can. And seeing that your smartphone keyboard is the most used app on your phone, it makes sense to use one which has been built to offer the best typing experience you can get.

We redesigned the legacy QWERTY keyboard with our unique (and patented) hexagon (or honeycomb) keys. This layout was the result of a long period of testing to discover the optimal keyboard layout and key shape that resulted in the fastest typing and the fewest typos.

Supercharged Custom-Built Autocorrect AI

Then we supercharged the keyboard with our custom-built, superior autocorrect AI. We had found that Gboard, SwiftKey and the Apple keyboard were often not providing the best autocorrect experience. Users frequently complained of autocorrect errors, with these smartphone keyboards either being overzealous, or failing to make typing corrections when they should.

We wanted to fix that. So we built our autocorrection functionality using our own AI so it could not only provide a superior typing experience out of the box, but also we enabled it to learn any user’s own slang or colloquial vocabulary, so that over time, it gets even better.

A Private & Secure Smartphone Keyboard

And finally, we believe privacy and security are essential. So we built the Typewise keyboard for total privacy with all of our smart tech happening on your phone device, rather than being transmitted across the internet or stored in a cloud service. This is our first step towards our goal of using our technology to power every human-machine interaction, across mobile, desktop, wearables and even brain-computer interfaces.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Read more about Typewise onCrunchBaseorAngelList.

Meet the team

David Eberle
Co-Founder and CEO
  • Experienced digital strategist, former engagement manager at Booz & Company (Strategy&), and founder of a profitable digital marketing agency. INSEAD MBA.
  • Amateur Thai boxer and pianist
Janis Berneker
Co-Founder and CTO
  • Experienced data scientist, build data science team at SRF (national broadcaster), former head of market intelligence at IDG Communications Switzerland
  • Cooking enthusiast working on the perfect croissant
Aleksa Cerovina
Android Developer
  • 3+ years of experience with a degree in information technology from Faculty of Science, Kragujevac
  • Avid book reader and a somewhat successful ping pong player
Anne Castuera
Application Tester & Community Support
  • Experienced Software Tester and helpdesk technician with 8+ years of experience
  • Very interested in investing; lover of ramen
Dmytro Matei
Full-stack JS Engineer
  • Full-stack JS Engineer with 2 years  experience, NULP student
  • Former violinist and folk dancer
Dmitry Patuk
VP of Growth
  • Experienced growth leader (Head of Marketing at Uber Eats Russia, CMO at Doc+)
  • Has visited 40+ countries
Federico Betti
AI Engineer
  • NLP expert, MsC in Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano and Alta Scuola Politecnica diploma; previously worked as AI Research Fellow at LeonardoLabs
  • In love with 4 sports: football, basketball, padel and beers
George Roberts
Senior AI Engineer
  • Expert in Machine Learning, holds a PhD in Quantum Physics from University of Cambridge
  • A massive Tolkien fan
Ivan Djordjevic
JavaScript Developer
  • Holistic thinker focused on user satisfaction and smooth experience achieved with cutting edge technologies and modern solutions
  • Enjoys all outdoor activites, reading a good book or watching Seinfield reruns
Luca Campanella
AI Engineer
  • Expert in Natural Language Processing, holds an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich
  • Volleyball lover, upgrading to beach-volleyball in sandy summers
Marian Marko
Android Developer
  • Android developer with 5 years of experience
  • Amateur guitar player. Love books & pizza
Maximilian Maurer
Head of Business Development
  • Expert in business development, digital marketing and strategy; several previous roles at AWS, PwC Strategy & early-stage startups. MBA from LBS
  • Passionate water sports enthusiast; dreams of setting sails for a round the world trip
Milan Jović
Lead Android Developer
  • Experienced software engineer who builds products that makes lives easier & makes people happier
  • Into: spirituality, kendo, Planet Earth, good poppy strudel & pistachio baklavas
Miloš Tasković
iOS Developer
  • Senior developer with 10 years of experience. Worked on development and maintenance of iOS applications for major conferences in Europe
  • Stephen King and a Comic book fan
Nikola Simunic
iOS Developer
  • 3+ years of experience with iOS development, working on numerous app projects from startups to large companies
  • Guitar player, singer and wannabe pianist
Octavian Sandu
Typescript Developer
  • 10+ years of software engineering experience in both established corporations and startups
  • A student forever, passionate about creating clear, working, simple solutions for complex domains
Sam Baldwin - Typewise Smartphone Keyboard
Sam Baldwin
Head of Content & PR
Tim O'Donoghue
Head of Product Design
  • 20+ years experience creating robust and intriguing digital product experiences for apps and brands around the globe
  • Amateur astrophysicist and obsessive dismantler of electronic technology

Board & Advisors

Stephan-Essi Fischer
Chairman of the Board
  • Former tech executive and experienced angel investor
Bettina Hein
Board Member
  • Serial tech entrepreneur ($125m exit)
Thomas Gabathuler
Board Member
  • Serial tech entrepreneur (3x exits)