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Typewise launches desktop AI Text Prediction engine to triple writing speed

This month sees the launch of Typewise Text Prediction for desktop (closed beta), which utilises our advanced Text Prediction and Autocorrect AI and enables individuals and enterprises to compose emails, messages and documents more quickly and accurately – boosting productivity.

Our Text Prediction AI has been developed in conjunction with Zurich ETH’s AI Center and already powers our innovative smartphone keyboard app which has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times and has won a CES innovation award two years in a row.

The tool uses next-word and sentence completion AI to vastly increase text input speed in many browser-based text-entry scenarios. It also has advanced autocorrect functionality that eliminates errors, and a ‘text replacement’ or ‘snippet’ tool that enables users to insert sentences or entire paragraphs via shortcuts.

Typewise Desktop speeds up writing via next-word and sentence prediction, snippets, and powerful autocorrect AI

Unlike Google Smart Compose or Microsoft Text Suggestion, which work only within Google/Microsoft products, Typewise Desktop comes as a browser extension so can be used across many web-based situations. In addition, the tool enables 100% data privacy, which the company believe is essential for the enterprise market.

David Eberle, Typewise Co-founder and CEO explains:

“Our new desktop solution will enable businesses up to enterprise size to utilise our powerful Text Prediction AI to significantly boost productivity. Powered by the same Text Prediction technology that is the underlying engine for our popular keyboard app, we’ve continually iterated our AI and are excited to now be offering our product to the enterprise sector. We believe our privacy focused tech that boosts the speed and quality of email, message and document composition provides game-changing productivity benefits for an area that is currently underserved.”

Typewise Desktop is currently in closed beta phase, with several pilots in progress. To get early access, sign up here:

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