Danish, Dutch, and Two Million Dollars; what’s new at Typewise

November 8, 2021
What we achieved during October 2021 and what's next for Typewise

As ever, it's been a hectic month at Typewise HQ with lots achieved and exciting advances for our buinsess and products. You'll note we said 'products' - plural! Because amongst other developments, we're very shortly going to be releasing our API as well as Typewise for Desktop - enabling you to use our powerful autocorrect and text prediction AI where ever you are on the web.

As of November 2021 we have:

- Localized Typewise keyboard app for Danish, Dutch and Swedish (this means all features of the app including settings and the typing game are now in these languages)
- Raised €1.7m ($2m) in our crowdfunding round
- Expanded our team – a warm welcome to some excellent new people from Germany and Serbia
- Had fresh media coverage from outlets around the world including South Africa, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Poland and The Philippines
- Bug fixes (crash on iOS 15 + deleting words bug)
- Most of the team spent a week in Belgrade, Serbia, co-working and collaborating as part of our regular physical get togethers (in an otherwise remote-work environment)

Some of the Typewise team in front of the Air Serbia building in Belgrade at our recent meet up.

Coming next:

- Smart Auto-Capitalization, for example autocorrecting 'i' to 'I' or 'usa' to 'USA' etc
- Improved language detection accuracy on Android
- Enhanced autocorrection and word suggestions for dialects on Android (Typewise will be able to learn dialects which are very different from the main language, for example Swiss-German)
- Hiring – we’re still in the process of interviewing for various roles – take a look at our careers page if you want to join us
- Typewise API – we’re making our world-class autocorrect and text prediction AI available to anyone who wants to use it in their own software or platforms via our API
- Typewise Text Prediction for Desktop – soon you’ll be able to use our supercharged text prediction and autocorrect wherever you’re online from your desktop with a new browser extension for Chrome coming soon (currently in closed BETA testing)