New API: we open our leading text-prediction AI to developers

December 2, 2021
Typewise's market-leading autocorrect and text prediction AI is now available to developers via the release of API

We’re pleased to announce that our market-leading autocorrect and text prediction AI that powers our popular smartphone keyboard is now available to developers via the release of Typewise API.

Typewise’s AI can triple typing speeds by enabling users to leverage powerful next-word and sentence completion technology. Our tech can be used for almost any application, unlike Google’s Smart Compose or Microsoft’s Text Suggestions which are ringfenced for use on a handful of these Big Tech’s own products only.

The bespoke software was built in conjunction with Zurich ETH’s AI Center and already powers our innovative smartphone keyboard app which has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times.  

Typewise API enables emoji search

Our keyboard app, which has been lauded by the tech media including Wired, Mashable and Lifehacker, uses a unique smartphone-optimised honeycomb layout that in conjunction with out autocorrect and text prediction AI, enables smartphone users to type up to 4x faster.  

By offering our AI to other developers via the free API, we are broadening our user base. David Eberle, Typewise Co-Founder and CEO explains:

“In our benchmarking tests, our autocorrect AI outperforms most other competitors, including Big Tech and well-known brands like Grammarly. By making it available as an API we want to enable others to use our powerful technology to increase typing speeds of users on their own platforms or apps.”

The API is free to use and is already available for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese, with another 30+ languages available on request.

Add language detection to your site with Typewise API

The release of the API co-incides with the launch of Typewise Text Prediction tool for desktop (closed beta) which will enable people to triple their typing speeds when writing emails, or customer support chats and messages. This new text prediction AI tool can be used in any web-based use case, via a browser extension.  

The two new products mark a portfolio expansion for Typewise, going from our B2C-focused keyboard app to the lucrative B2B market, where our text prediction AI tool can be used by enterprise-level companies to speed up typing, reduce inaccuracies and vastly increase productivity in almost any text input situation.

Get instant access to our autocorrect, text prediction, language detection and emoji prediction API here.