Privacy at Typewise: why our keyboard is secure

August 12, 2021
Why your typing data is always safe with Typewise privacy keyboard

Typewise is a 100% private and secure keyboard for your smartphone. Here's why your typing data is always safe with Typewise.

Privacy comes as standard on Typewise Keyboard

We are extremely privacy conscious at Typewise; our keyboard app comes with privacy baked-in by design. We don’t, won’t (and indeed, can’t) collect any data you type when using Typewise keyboard. So you always know that whatever you type on your Typewise keyboard, is safe, secure and private. When combined with other privacy-focussed software - this provides the maximum privacy and security possible.

Typewise Keyboard is Ad-Free

We don’t run any form of advertising on Typewise. No pop ups, no display ads, no banners. We earn revenue from users who support us by buying a subscription or lifetime purchase of Typewise PRO.

Typewise Autocorrect and Text Prediction AI is on-device – not in the cloud

All of our smart autocorrect and text prediction takes place on your device. This means your keystrokes never leave your phone, unlike many of the incumbent smartphone keyboard apps which transfer your typing data to the cloud and can utilise it for other – sometimes suspicious – purposes. You can read why we think that’s a bad idea and why we’ve built Typewise as a 100% privacy keyboard app here.

What data does Typewise collect?

For both Android and iOS we offer two versions of the Typewise keyboard app. Your typing data never leaves your device for either version, meaning what you type is always 100% private and secure.

Typewise Offline Keyboard

The Offline Typewise keyboard cannot be connected to the internet which can be verified in the permissions settings in the Play Store. This means no data of any sort can be collected, transferred or used in any way. Your typing as well as app usage data remains 100% secure and private, so this version is preferred by those wanting maximum privacy and security. You can verify this in the Play Store.

As this version will remain offline forever, future online features can not be added to Typewise Offline Keyboard (for example gif support or translation support which require an internet connection). All non-internet-dependent features will continue be added to Typewise Offline Keyboard.

Typewise Offline Keyboard App

Typewise Custom Keyboard

Again, with the Typewise Custom Keyboard app, no typing data whatsoever from your keyboard is collected or used in any way. So your typing data remains 100% secure and private.

Within the app itself we offer a tutorial, settings area, and a typing game to help you learn Typewise gestures and layout. To improve these areas we collect anonymous data from these parts of the app.  

No personal data is collected, and nothing can be attributed any specific user. None of this data is ever shared with third parties.  

Typewise Custom Keyboard App

Exactly what data does Typewise collect?

We don’t collect any data from your keyboard. Typewise is a 100% private and secure keyboard app.

We only collect data from the tutorial, the settings and our typing game, which are all found within the app settings area. The data we collect is as follows:

   - What page is opened in the app

   - What and how many error messages appeared in the tutorial

  - What settings are used (excluding your shortcuts)

   - Which subscription is being used

   - Where the app was downloaded from

Typewise settings and game

Offline Mode = zero data collected

Allowing us to collect and analyse the data listed above helps us to improve Typewise. But if you’d prefer us not to collect that, you can select ‘Offline mode’ on Typewise Custom Keyboard which prevents any data from being collected.

To read the full details of our privacy policy visit:

You can also see what independent privacy experts - Data Overhaulers - say about Typewise here.