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Increase productivity with AI text prediction

Customer service is critical to the success of businesses today, and the quality of written communication is a key factor in customer service satisfaction. This is exactly where DPD Switzerland and Typewise have come in. The text prediction software for sales and customer service teams from the Swiss startup should significantly improve the quality of the company's written customer service.

Written communication in customer service is an important business card for DPD and should underline the company's high-quality standards. At the same time, the parcel delivery company's customers expect a quick response to their concerns. For this very purpose, the Typewise solution offers a range of functionalities that sustainably improve the quality and efficiency of written communication in customer service.

These include suggestions for complete sentences or sentence fragments that are simply confirmed with "Tab", spelling and grammar corrections, and ready-made text templates as snippets. In the future, it will also be possible to formulate entire e-mail responses, which the employee only has to confirm. Typewise integrates easily as a browser extension into the existing CRM/Contact Center system. All common systems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Genesys, BSI, etc. as well as in-house solutions are supported.

Over 25% increase in efficiency at DPD

In a short period of time, DPD was able to achieve a significant improvement in customer service quality and efficiency by using Typewise. The AI language solution was quickly improved, new functionalities were developed and made available to the customer service team with success. The implementation resulted in a 20-30% time savings per email response, and further improvements are already being planned

In a very short time, a success story was written. Efficiency was increased by over 25%."
Roman Rotenfluh
Senior Project Manager

From PoC to production within a few weeks

After the initial setup, the AI was trained using past communication data and an agile approach was taken to quickly implement further improvements and new functionalities. The beta testing team provided valuable feedback that was used to prioritize the next iteration of improvements. The solution was then successfully rolled out to the entire customer service organization and continues to be developed and enhanced.

Another challenge was the need for multilingualism. Requests are processed in German, French, Italian and English, sometimes by the same employee. Typewise uses a language recognition system that automatically selects the correct language. This has made a significant contribution to acceptance among employees, as it eliminates the need for an additional manual step. Currently, virtually all Western languages are supported.

The project was a great success due to the cooperative collaboration between DPD and Typewise. The simplicity of the solution and its intuitive use made it easy for customer service representatives to adopt the solution and use it in their daily work. The personalized AI language model also takes into account the company's particular industry and individual communication style.

"Predictions and corrections are brilliant. Work is made much easier in everyday life."
Stefan Ljubisavljevic
Subject Matter Manager Written

Typewise's AI solution has had a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of DPD's customer service.

For example, the solution provided by Typewise has improved written communication and increased customer satisfaction, making it a valuable addition to any company looking to improve its customer service.